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Novelists in Chain or Chained Novelists

Short commentary on the demise of Rule of Law in Montenegro By Mirko Đuković Doctoral Candidate Central European University In a comparative constitutional scholarship judges and especially judges of constitutional […]


Marović: Montenegro’s success depends on the rule of law

The Executive Director of Politikon Network, Jovana Marović, deems important that Montenegro prompts a message it is ready to accept new, tightened negotiating conditions. The new European Union’s enlargement methodology […]


The Cure for Corruption is Integrity

The fight against corruption in Montenegro is in constant vicious circle of ”a culture of illegality” and strong political influence on institutions. Therefore, every legislative progress stays dead letter. The […]


Steps toward a Rule of Law Culture

The rule of law is not only dependent on the European Union (EU). It starts with the Western Balkan countries, which should advocate it through the common approach towards different […]