Brief: Human Resource Management in Montenegrin Municipalities – Between Needs and Party

Employment in Montenegrin municipalities is a frequent subject of criticism. Recruitment which is not based on real needs and overstaffing affect the financial sustainability of municipalities and are also often linked to elections and highlighted as an instrument for exerting pressure on citizens, thereby undermining merit-based employment. Therefore, with this analysis, we wanted to test the extent to which the recruitment procedures have been improved and the organization and number of employees have changed since the last parliamentary election in 2016, as well as the adoption of the new 2018 Public Administration Optimization Plan. You can download the analysis  here: PIN_HRM and MNE Municipalities (available only in Montenegrin).

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This analysis was prepared within the (Anti) Corruption Action project implemented by Politikon Network in cooperation with Open Dialogue Network and Institute for Business and Financial Literacy. The project was supported through the program “Let’s Put Corruption in the Museum”, run by the Center for Civic Education (CCE), in cooperation with NGO CEMI, NGO Bonum, NGO UL info, NGO Za druga, funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Public Administration.

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