New Perspectives on Shared Security: NATO’s Next 70 Years

What’s the future of NATO? How can it best serve its member states’ interests for the next 70 years? 16 of the world’s leading think tanks including Politikon Network provide their views on the challenges and opportunities facing NATO. Jovana Marović prepared a chapter “Wars of Ideas: Hybrid Warfare, Political Interference, and Disinformation”. You can read it here (all other essays at the following address). 

“The essays do not provide definitive answers on how to future-proof the alliance. The collection is meant to start, frame, and guide such a debate, not end it. The reader may find, on closer inspection, disagreements among the authors on subtler points of their recommendations and assumptions. That, too, serves a useful purpose. An alliance of democracies will want to think through its steps and policies in a deliberative process, while weighing alternative approaches and divergent views.” (from the foreword) 

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