Regional Panel Discussions on the Rule of Law

A panel discussion Debate on the rule (out) of law was organized in Belgrade on November 19 in organization of CRTA (Serbia) and Politikon.

Beograd 1

The participants in the discussion Vukosava Crnjanski (Director of CRTA), Jovana Marovic (Executive Director,  Politikon Network), Gazela Pudar Drasko (Research Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory), and Ivan Stefanovski (Expert on Elections) agreed that the citizens are expecting from the European Union to solve all the problems of the countries where they live because they are not aware of their rights. In fact, the solution lies in bringing together the citizens who will use their powers to fight for the democratic values.

“Only through a joint dialogue that will help us define the desires and direction in which we want to move forward, we can provide a respect for the rule of law principles according to which the citizens’ rights will be proteced and the laws enforced” , was the conclustion of the panel discussion.

A final panel discussion was held in Skopje on November 22, panelists were Ivana Ivanovic, Executive Director of the Tim Institute, Donika Emini, Executive Director of CIVIKOS, Tamara Brankovic, CRTA’s Policy Lab Coordinator, Zoran Nechev, Head of the EU Integration Center, Institute for Democracy ‘Societas Civilis’, Ivan Stefanovski, Eurothink Researcher and Jovana Marovic, Executive Director of the Politikon Network.


The events were realized in the frames of the project Rule of Law in the Western Balkans: Reinventing the Rules of the Game implemented by Politikon Network in cooperation with CRTA from Serbia and Tim Institute from North Macedonia. The project is financially supported by the European Fund for the Balkans and its Think and Link Regional Policy Programme.

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