Democracy: the Only Game in the City?

CRTA’s ”Civil Society for Responsible Authority“ conference held in Belgrade on 4-5 February 2019 begin with the panel “Democracy: the only game in the city?”, where speakers Marika Djolai – international development consultant and political analyst for the Western Balkans and Eurasia, Srđan Cvijić – senior public policy analyst for an open society, Jovana Marović – Director of the Politikon Network and Dušan Reljić, agreed that confidence in civil society organizations has fallen, that it is necessary to work directly with the citizens, and that in 2025. institutions should be independent, and the media is free, with the focus on passing laws.

The main topics of the discussion during the two-day conference are the contemporary challenges that affect the quality of democracy, such as violation of the independence of the judiciary, the decline in the quality of work of the parliament, the deterioration of the position of independent bodies, the violation of media freedom and the restriction of the right to information of public importance.

The aim of the conference is to initiate a dialogue on the current state of democracy in Serbia, the region and Europe with the intent to develop recommendations for overcoming the existing problems. The gathering brings together representatives of civil society, the academic community, policy experts, judges, journalists, representatives of public institutions and the international community who are ready to actively advocate democratic and accountable public authority.

Source: CRTA 


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